Hot-dip galvanizing alloys
Hot-dip galvanizing alloys
Produced by a subsidiary – Managing Company KTIAM LLC.

Managing Company KTIAM LLC is a modern dynamic, customer-focused enterprise, long-term production experience, state-of-the-art equipment, stable supply and quality, tightly-welded team of highly qualified like-minded professionals.

Our mission: Success and prosperity through consolidation of efforts and joining of work of many people on the basis of prompt and proper satisfaction of Customer’s needs.

  • We guarantee high quality of our products in accordance with regulatory and technical documentation
  • Made-to-order production
  • 5 years on the nonferrous metals market
Zinc-based hot-dip galvanizing alloys
Products name Brand Size of finished products
Zinc-Aluminum Zinc Aluminium Ingot size as agreed between the producer and customer.
Aluminum-Zinc Zinc Aluminium
Zinc-Tin-Antimony Zinc-Antimony Zn-Sn-Sb 10-10

(zinc is a basis, 10% tin, 10% antimony)

ЦСу (zinc is a basis, 4% antimony)

Product size in accordance with customer’s drawings.
Zinc-Nickel-Aluminum Zn-Ni-Al Produced as 500 kg bars.

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